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@Temsalet Kitchen 2018-06-17

Hawassa university 2000 Graduates 10 years Reunion ... 10/10/2010... 10:10 at Temsalet Kitchen due to current situation in awassa.. making the reunion in Hawassa has become impassable But We will be meeting... here in addis..and have coffee... All our classmates come on time..

@Kozi Grill 2017-12-13

Party @KOZI, all your favorite grill; DJ King, Saturday Dec.16 from 6:00pm....

@Awash wine 2017-12-06

Here is a little something for you The live and unplugged #Zeritu Kebede and Joss Stone’s Music Concert # excerpt

Dear loyal pizza eaters; we dearly say apologies for our not posting. Our restaurant was burned down, and we had no access to the interwebs. We have since rebuild a new store, and outlet dear friend Keenuu has completed his fix, and we have gained acces to internets! We are back in businesses!! Come buy a pizza tonow!

@Hi-Met Cafe 2017-04-14

እንኳን ለፋሲካ በዓል አደረሳችሁ! ሃይ-ሜት ካፌ በዓሉን በማስመልከት እንደምን ጊዜውም እጅግ ጣፋጭ የሆኑ ቶርታዎች፣ፓራዲዞ፣ኩኪሶችና ተቆራራጭ ኬኮችን አዘጋጅቶ ይጠብቃቹሃል። መልካም በዓል!

@KABA 2016-06-02

Ticket now on sale at the Sheraton, Hilton and Lime Tree, Thursday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. Tickets range: 2000birr-50birr.

announcement: Mack chicken restaurant celebrate its fourth year in operation by serving the breakfast menu for free for three days, and these days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. start from 4th of April 2016 to 6th of April 2016. time from 9:00 Am to 11:00 Am enjoy you breakfast on us!

@Concept Cafe 2014-02-18

New in Addis, Concept Cafe! Take Away, Cooking lessons, Kids Party s, Catering and more.... You find Concept Cafe in Old Airport +251 118829073