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@Adega 2017-12-12

We are wishing each and every Kenyan a Happy Jamhuri day!

Watch how Chef prepares our Awesoips, usually served with our awesome steaks. For Reservations +254-737776677 or [email protected] #VideoShareFriday #bestrestaurantinnairobi #bestfoodinnairobi #freshfood #healthymeals #seafoodinnairobi #sevenat7 #chefkirancreations Chef Kiran Jethwa

Looking for the right breakfast meal to get you going for the day? Come have our champions breakfast - buttered toast, crispy bacon, fried egg and just abit of fries 😀

Guro tobiko (black flying fish eggs), Guro Sushi, and some Guro rolls. All new stock from Korea. Come while stocks last! #tokyonbi

@Steak Out Limited 2017-11-30

Weekend Countdown begins today! Relax and enjoy!...🎶🎷🎹

When the tent is an important part of creating an ambiance for your party.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make traditional Ethiopian Coffee? Its a fascinating process, and we have the ceremony many times a day at Abyssinia. Come visit us to have some traditional coffee when you have a chance 😉

We can match the outside with the inside....if you d like.....

@Osnet Garden 2017-03-09

Miss Wenwa will be performing on Sunday from 4:00pm Ticket are 300 and 500 at the gate ... Come enjoy some good music and food .

@Chilli Chaudry 2017-02-27

Time to order your lunch.. Take away your Monday blues with some Indian food... Check out our boneless tandoori tikka. Get it on our shop now button.

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900 LIKES!!! Please continue to share so we reach 1000 by the end of the year. Friends in Kenya, we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

@The Lunch Box 2015-09-11

If your gonna end your week, end it well... Beef Schnitzel with Potato Wedges & Sautéed Vegetables A must try combination of marinated fillet steaks crumbed and fried to perfection accompanied with crispy vegetables and salted wedges. “It s The Schnitznit” All meals are accompanied with a juice and a fruit for only 500 Shillings Call us Now... Nairobi Lunch Box T- 0721341770 / 0722929607 E - [email protected]

Our chefs decided to release their mouth watering specials today because we believe that a good weekend begins with good food! And we always want you to get a great start to your weekend :)

@Plum Bakers 2014-08-07

Order in your wedding cake by calling 0722 777 357. Various flavours and designs available. Call us now!

@Amboseli Gardens 2013-06-28

Friday it is-The Global party will be happening in afew hour from now! Are you ready? See you all tonight at the Amboseli Gardens from 7pm-hope you already got your invite.Lots of entertainment by the Sarakasi dancers,Dj Nicx,Dj Adrian and so many more. Amboseli Gardens in Lavington - on Gitanga Road after James Gichuru intersection heading to Braeburn - turn right on Amboseli RD .Drive down to Gate No.5

@Pork City 2012-11-23

The free lunch has been won. thank you all for participating and CONGRATULATIONS to our lucky winner from ADAMS ARCADE. however you may place your orders for lunch as well as raw pork. tomorrow we are giving free lunch to caller number 15(fifteen). Have a wonderful day.