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@Kulitz Delights 2017-10-16

PEtsa de peligro na mga suki.... on friday mga suki the following are available... delivery time at 4am to 12noon 🍰Yema cake 🍘chicken empanada 🥙frozen lumpiang togue 🥓chicken tocino Sa may mga gusto pm lang po kayo mga suki thanks much mga suki 😘😘

@Burgerfactoryq8 2014-09-29

How about this to drive your appetite. Enjoy! Video credits to @theveeview

Passion for the food we serve Our values are based upon a passion for service and determination and to continually improve so we ensure customer satisfaction throughout. We take care of the quality of people we employ; ensure they are well cared for resulting in high morale and, importantly, bringing creativity and initiative to their work. Food service is at the center of our business and on a remote site camp that essential ingredient makes for a Home Away from Home. We therefore place great emphasis on the professionalism of our staff and how they go about their job. Variety, Taste, Consistency, Cleanliness, Presentation and Passion for service are our guiding principles.